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if we could turn back time
i wouldn’t

yes, sometimes i wish somethings turned out different
i wish i would have done things different

but then i wouldn’t do things different

the decision i made at that time
seemed like the best one for that time

i would do the same

not because it was the best one
it was the best that i could do at that time

next time i can do better

we learn

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To write love on her arms

Inked Thoughts and Midnight Monologues

You know how there’s this one person in your life who comes out of nowhere and suddenly means the world to you?

Well, if you do, I shake you warmly by the hand because you and I are both lucky. As for the ones who haven’t found “the person”, chances are, he or she is probably taking a nap right now. Or laughing for no apparent reason. Or pushing a door that says pull.

Isn’t it strange though? You’re doing the same old drill called life and out pops this fruitcake of a soul bursting with enthusiasm and wearing an adorable smile. And suddenly, you can’t get enough of them and no matter what, they’re somehow always there in your thoughts.

It starts so normally, really. They mispronounce your name and you remember them as the one standing next to the other random person. You two eventually get to meet…

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Life, Unscrambled

Finally, after a long bout of vision blockage, inspiration has come! A new path presents itself with clear directive. I received an online card reading today and it rung truth… The message was ” You’re not trying hard enough, go the distance this time”. And I will.

This new inspiration has my body bouncing with excitement and ready to burst with overflowing ideas. I am now sitting in my corner ready for my first round of creative explosion…

Here we go!


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