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Our current featured article, available at no cost while it is featured, addresses a theoretical model that advances the independent development of nursing informatics.  The article is titled “The Evolution of Data-Information-Knowledge-Wisdom in Nursing Informatics.” by Charlene Ronquillo, MSN, RN; Leanne M. Currie, PhD, RN; and Paddy Rodney, PhD, RN. Here is their message about this important work  for ANS readers:

Setting out to question one of the foundational theories in nursing informatics was a task we approached with much caution, care and respect, in the paper we have contributed to this journal. The theoretical framework we are

Charlene Ronquillo Charlene Ronquillo

referring to is the data-information-knowledge-wisdom framework, often referred to as DIKW. Exploration of DIKW brought us on a very interesting journey: We delved into the literature from the early years when nursing informatics was first beginning to be established as a field of inquiry and we ended up exploring fields that included management…

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What Do You Mean By “Wisdom”?

Daniel Scharpenburg

It’s an important virtue in Buddhism.

It’s one of the Three Trainings, along with Virtue and Meditation.

But, Wisdom is not always well defined. We sometimes blur the line between wisdom and knowledge, or between wisdom and intellect. These things aren’t the same.

But What is Wisdom, Really?

To me, wisdom means an intuitive understanding of the Dharma.

We can understand concepts like impermanence, emptiness, and interconnectedness on an intellectual level without so much difficulty. It’s easy to memorize and recite the four noble truths or our favorite sutras, but memorization isn’t wisdom. If it was, then the directions for becoming wise would be simple and straightforward. It’s easy to say that “ego is an illusion.” but to really understand that in our minds is something different.

Understanding interconnectedness is knowledge. Wisdom is being interconnectedness—understanding and acting on our interconnectedness in everything that we do. It is much easier…

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