Spring Moon Meditation

We present the Spring Moon Meditation.  As always use this in a quiet and safe place where you have the time and opportunity to fully relax.  Author retains all rights, copyright 2015, and permission to use is for private personal use only.

We present two versions: the first has a chime at the end and the second does not.

No chime at the end version:

Short relaxation audio recording for use at end of day before bedtime

For the personal use of visitors to this site only, here is a short relaxation recording to be used at the end of the day shortly before bedtime.  No music which may or may not annoy you, no audio prompts, nothing but human voice on this recording.

The recording is kept intentionally short and simple based on the idea that the simplest solution is often the best.

Insomnia and Productivity

Insomnia is the lifelong curse for some of us.  Sleep eludes us, and when it does come it seems to be minimal.  This worsens with age.

But sometimes the “REM Rebound” can lead to particularly colorful dreams, and these dreams can be sources of inspirations and solutions to problems.

While this blog was not born precisely of such a situation, this particular post (the first post) was.  Insomnia led to reducing an idea into practice and starting this blog as part of a large project to explore hypnosis, dreams, and inspiration.

We hope you enjoy our commentary.