What You Can Learn From a Rock Climbing Trip

Chris Delaney

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What You Can Learn From a Rock Climbing Trip

I’m currently sat in a villa in Spain on a rock climbing trip

The trip was planned to spend a week rock climbing. As well as enjoying the climbing, I have learnt some valuable lessons, lessons that will help you be more successful in life.


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Rock Climbing Trip Lesson 1

When you focus your attention on one particular task all the other stresses of life disappear

When you are stressed in life, no matter what you do in your spare time; bowling, watching TV, drinking with friends, your thoughts always return to the thing you are stressing about (during the previous week)

By focusing on an activity that needs your full attention, in this example rock climbing…

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Decision Making with Hypnotherapy

Short-Term, Tissue-Free Therapy

0decAre you a person who has difficulty making decisions?

When faced with a number of choices, do you freeze or avoid doing anything at all?

Would you like to be more decisive and know that the decision you’ve made is right for you?

Use hypnosis to light the correct path for you.

The process is simple:

  1. Make a single-session appointment that will include the intake and the clearing of your issue (2 hours total).
  2. Gather the information needed to solve the problem, answer the question, or make the decision.
  3. State this information at your session. We’ll ask subconscious mind what the right thing to do is and the answer will be instantly illuminated.

This process involves no outside input or advice on the part of the therapist and is always what your subconscious mind desires.

You’ll be surprised how fast and easy it is to make a decision today! And…

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