19 Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant



As an entrepreneur or Business Owner starting out can be tough. The countless hours you spend researching, and learning the ins and outs can cause you to become very tired and lose the enjoyment of starting your own business. So, let me give you a solution; virtual assistants are your most powerful tool as an entrepreneur. You may not have the money starting out to hire an employee with benefits. That where a virtual assistant comes in scoops you up to save the day.

Using a virtual assistant can help you save hours on your business to handle the things you enjoy, but knowing which tasks to delegate can be complicated, whether you’re starting or growing a business. Most if not all virtual assistants are contract or freelance workers who work from home and focus on administrative tasks that are similar to those of an executive assistant. Within increase of Virtual…

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No More Running from your Calendar



When you decide to become an entrepreneur or business owner, your time is of the essence. When it comes to your business, you must have a good system for organizing your schedule. As an entrepreneur myself I realized from the beginning systems are a must. I use a number of systems to keep my business organized, they allow me to be as productive as possible each day.

  • Do you feel overcome with anxiety when you look at the number of tasks you have at any given time during the week?
  • Do you find yourself letting the day past you by without any real progress?
  • Are you constantly having to work late or on weekends?
  • Do you feel like you should be able to be more efficient with your time?

Scheduling is a very important and major key when it come to your business

Whether you are just starting out I…

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