A Dream, A Dark Lion & What It All Means..

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OK so I had the most interesting dream last night. If any of you want to offer your take, I’d gladly read. I know how I interpreted it but I would love to know what y’all think. I won’t bore you with all of it, just the part that absolutely stood out the most.
Maybe this is for some of you also.

I was in a room with large windows with a male companion, can’t remember who it was – I do remember that being with him there didn’t feel “right” – so I was already antsy. All of a sudden outside the birds start squawking wildly & they & all the other little critters nearby took off like a shot. Then I felt this ominous presence drawing closer & closer & a darkness overshadowed the area right in front of where we could see out.

My heart was beating…

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Painting Experiment #1 – Sundown

Idealistic Cartoonist

This is a sort of year-in review for me. I had three primary goals with this piece:

A) Have as much fun as I can; no restrictions.
B) Identify my strengths, weaknesses, & get a good feel for what stylistic choices work and don’t.
C) Finish a piece.

This piece took about 3.5 hours to make in Krita and it’s easily one of my favorites.

I’ve been reading off of composition books to get a better grip on technique for framing a story. This piece had a pretty basic setup but it was effective for a starting point.

One of the time hang ups of this piece was lack of planning for the elements like the depth of each element, and how each element would look. I just knew I wanted my usual nature & trees, clouds, and an attempt at a cityscape.

The cloud is much nicer than my…

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The Dream

Tenderfoot Homesteader

The dream of becoming a homesteader started when I was sitting on the couch watching TV. Cliche right? Not everyone was lucky enough to grow up on a farm, and you have to start somewhere!

More specifically, I was living in an apartment in Florida and in the heat of summer I was feeling homesick. I grew up in Alaska. I am so far outside of my element it’s not even funny.

So in lieu of finding an ice box I could go camp in, I was watching Alaska: The Last Frontier  on the Discovery Channel. Yeah, yeah, I know. It is a TV show and there is a certain amount of dramatization. But that IS Alaska. The beauty, the wildlife, the self-sufficient attitude and making things work with what you have. Even if you grew up in a city, that was the mindset.

So while living in a hot…

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Ocean Bream

She was a dream. No, she was dreaming.

She thought that dreams were just thoughts your brain is trying to have, but because it is asleep, it jumbles them up and gets confused. Poor thing.

She found this out because last night when she was trying to sleep she was asking her friend why her shoulders were over there. That was strange. There was a bird in a cage.

It made sense when she was awake, though. Because she was thinking of Barney’s canary. And Barney had wonderfully large shoulders. That was slightly sexual. She didn’t want to think of Barney’s shoulders, because what kind of name was Barney? A big fat purple dinosaur name, that’s what it was.

She couldn’t tell if this was a dream, or reality. She was standing, and she felt pretty tall. And Barney was there in his purple jacket, kneeling on the stone before…

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My Nightmare Last Night- And How I’m Dealing with It

Faith Loves God

living nightmare


Thanks for stopping by! Today you get to read about my nightmare last night. It was frightening:

It was in the middle of the night and I was lying on my side when I felt a hand slide up my right cheek, and another slide up my stomach, and then they started to shake me. I rumbled with my bed, the hand on my stomach feeling ticklish, so I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or scream.  It was also getting harder for me to breathe. That’s when I jerked away.

My heart beat faster, and I laid in bed with my eyes open for a while, too scared to go back to sleep. Finally, I spoke the Name of Jesus out loud, and I covered myself with His blood. I prayed for angels to keep watch over me and protect me. Then I prayed for my family and for…

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Grad Student Dreaming

Academic Fails

When you are in grad school, your hopes and dreams and desires often have to do with papers and projects and finding a solution to the never-ending piles of grading. Even still,  I am always surprised to find how connected my dreams are to grad school even in the dead of winter break.

This morning I woke up from a dream about my favorite professor (okay, I have probably referred to each profesor I have had in grad school as “my favorite” at some point. They are all awesome). This particular professor had a baby at the end of last semester and will be on maternity leave next semester. My dream was that she was actually back next semester and we all kept commenting on how “bad ass” she was for coming back to school after just having a baby (we do refer to this professor as “bad ass” quite…

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Why Do We Dream?

Inquisitive Tortoise

dreaming1 Key Dream Research Equipment

“What does my dream mean?!”


“I’ve heard you study sleep. I mean I think I’ve worked it out myself but I wanted an expert opinion.”


It doesn’t take long to drift into questions about dream analysis when I tell people that I study sleep. I don’t entirely blame them. It’s a subject which has fascinated society for millennia and it doesn’t look like that is going to stop any time soon. I’m sure most of us have had a dream which we are convinced has some greater significance: a dream about facing our fears or that person who you hadn’t thought about for years.

In the distant past, dreams were associated with divine will and prophetic qualities. Ancient Egyptian and Greek scholars produced dream manuals which were used to interpret nightly visions. Flash forward to the 19th and early 20th century and…

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