What You Can Learn From a Rock Climbing Trip

Chris Delaney

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What You Can Learn From a Rock Climbing Trip

I’m currently sat in a villa in Spain on a rock climbing trip

The trip was planned to spend a week rock climbing. As well as enjoying the climbing, I have learnt some valuable lessons, lessons that will help you be more successful in life.


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Rock Climbing Trip Lesson 1

When you focus your attention on one particular task all the other stresses of life disappear

When you are stressed in life, no matter what you do in your spare time; bowling, watching TV, drinking with friends, your thoughts always return to the thing you are stressing about (during the previous week)

By focusing on an activity that needs your full attention, in this example rock climbing…

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How to test your decision-making instincts


Executives should trust their gut instincts—but only when four tests are met.

One of the most important questions facing leaders is when they should trust their gut instincts—an issue explored in a dialogue between Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and psychologist Gary Klein titled “Strategic decisions: When can you trust your gut?” published by McKinsey Quarterly in March 2010. Our work on flawed decisions suggests that leaders cannot prevent gut instinct from influencing their judgments. What they can do is identify situations where it is likely to be biased and then strengthen the decision process to reduce the resulting risk.

Our gut intuition accesses our accumulated experiences in a synthesized way, so that we can form judgments and take action without any logical, conscious consideration. Think about how we react when we inadvertently drive across the center line in a road…

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How to Know If You Need a Professional Tune-Up

The Integrated Workplace

In just a couple of weeks, my friend Claire and I are starting a series of “professional support groups” called Realigning Your Professional Self. We wanted to put this together for a couple of key reasons:

First, there are not enough spaces where professionals can vent, gain perspective, or just be seen and heard. Work is hard, y’all, and without a safe place to process what goes on there, we can get burnt out, resentful, and lost.

career work personal development Photo via Pexels

Second, not everyone needs a major career overhaul. Sometimes we just need small tune-ups along the way, as if we’re getting a regular “Career Oil Change.”

It can be tough to know if we really need something to be different in our career or if something else is at play in another area of our lives. If you’re feeling relatively healthy and stable in your body, your relationships, and your finances, it’s much…

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