The Perfect Palette


I get attracted to these colors like butterflies to do flowers. These wings, they need to be flapped. And it tells me not to stick to one color; my mind says to pick one, but my body can’t be tamed. It knows no limits, no restrictions. I surrender myself to the radiance of these colors. My soul is fluttering, but I can’t find the congruity between the colors that’ll give me the contentment I am seeking. Even if it’s false, give me hope that my pursuit of achieving the perfect harmony of the colors would pay off. That I’ll have the redness of love; the happiness that comes with yellow; the sometimes jealously of green; the serenity and integrity of blue; and the kindness of pink; the perfect palette.

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Painting Experiment #1 – Sundown

Idealistic Cartoonist

This is a sort of year-in review for me. I had three primary goals with this piece:

A) Have as much fun as I can; no restrictions.
B) Identify my strengths, weaknesses, & get a good feel for what stylistic choices work and don’t.
C) Finish a piece.

This piece took about 3.5 hours to make in Krita and it’s easily one of my favorites.

I’ve been reading off of composition books to get a better grip on technique for framing a story. This piece had a pretty basic setup but it was effective for a starting point.

One of the time hang ups of this piece was lack of planning for the elements like the depth of each element, and how each element would look. I just knew I wanted my usual nature & trees, clouds, and an attempt at a cityscape.

The cloud is much nicer than my…

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