Taking the little moments in a hard year.


It’s funny how people mark growth and success. One persons achievement is not another’s. This past year there have been many things that I had aimed to achieve. Some easily come by, others not so much. I received my full driving license, I have now been on the road since, sharing a car.  I finished second year in College, now I’m going straight into third year, first time I don’t have repeat’s, a major goal in my life. I also made one of the hardest decisions I ever have made. To say it has been an easy year would be lying to myself. General life struggle coupled with financial burdens had been painful. In times of stress I have always turned to animals for relief but time commitments couldn’t allow this and although it wasn’t one of my darkest few months it certainly came close. I have come out of…

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Me, the blog and the steps to getting my sh*t together

Stative Blu

Being a uni student is difficult. Before you go you’re told by others that the workload is a lot, that you’ll be thrown in the deep end while having to discover how to feed yourself all over again. While that’s all true, no one mentions how emotionally exhausting it is.

I’m in my first year of Multimedia Journalism and I’ve never felt more unsure of myself, of my decisions, my purpose and especially my course. I’m in the process of debating whether or not I should change to Media Production and this inner turmoil has been going on for a while now. I kind of forgot how to enjoy anything I was so stressed about it. I’ve literally done nothing today. I thought, whats the point? Whats the point in even doing things I enjoy, it’s not going to give me a career. When I was in school…

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Pruning for production in your art life

Inspire To Art

A fruitful artistic life requires a little pruning.  In order to make as a successful artist you must be willing to prune some things from you life in order to insure your energies flow in the right direction.

There are three ways to prune your art life.

Get rid of the aspects of your art life which are too much to sustain like the many distractions and procrastination’s which pull you from your work. Simply put do way with all those parts of your art life which take away the creative energy from what you truly love.

Secondly, to become a thriving artist you must put to rest those aspects of your art life which are to sick to survive. If you’re like me I will not give up on creating something no matter whether or not it is what I deem as sick art.  Let me give you an…

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Research is a Writer’s Best Friend


A storyline idea where a great deal of the setting takes place in a restaurant, popped into my head about two weeks ago. I know absolutely nothing about restaurant life, other than long hours.
The only way I could remedy the situation was by doing research. I started with reading through cook books, to learn lingo, names of tools and proper technique. And after several books, I felt better informed about the technical aspects to a restaurant. However, I was still at a loss on what actually working in a restaurant is like. So I began typing searches into Google along the lines of; ‘what’s it like to work in a restaurant’, and ‘restaurant work environment’. I was actually left with more questions than when I started and no way of starting my story.
After several days of self hatred and 24/7 writer’s block, the idea came to me. I…

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the self-hypnotist

Inner Focus


“…. you are slowly going into a state of deep relaxation. Slowly and surely, your entire body and mind are relaxing, relaxing, relaxing. you are going deeper and deeper and deeper, into a state of deep relaxation. each and every muscle of your body is now relaxing. everything is so peaceful and quiet. now, counting backwards from 10, you will descend a small staircase….  10…. 9…. 8………………..5……………….. …………. ………………..”

the voice of the self-hypnotist tails off into the night. a new night. a new year.  the voice, now distant, fades into obscurity. into oblivion.

i lie in the dim of my chamber with the weight of the night, and gravity of the new year, pressing upon me. my mind is swirling in the crush and chaos, like Betelgeuse, on the verge of explosion.  i can feel the night creep in and saturate the familiarity of my furnishings and turning them…

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PhDreaming: UC Berkeley

Academic Fails

I got to visit UC Berkeley today, which isn’t really on my list of potential schools for my PhD, but if I could choose a campus as opposed to a program, I would want to go here. Also, I have officially made “creek runs through it” an official criteria for my (hopefully) future PhD program.

Please enjoy the photos of UC Berkeley.

I typically don’t buy myself sweatshirts from the campuses I visit, but, come on, it’s Berkeley.

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SpiritualityHow To Receive Dream Messages Understand Them

Darsha's Holistic Visions


Are you looking to broaden your ability to read messages and signs in your dreams or just want to access your intuition, dreams are the best way to get insight, advice or messages.

When we dream, we receive insight from the subconscious mind. This knowledge bear clues or impacts our daily lives.

Having a journal for writing down dreams is vital if you are to understand the messages.

Always set your intention, when you want receive dream messages, the best time to do this is before you are going to bed.

It’s best to read a mantra to set your intention, there are many dream mantras available on the web, search to find the best ones.

There are many books and websites that offer dream interpretation, my favorite is dreammoods.com, each symbol, animal or whatever you may see in your dreams is unique to you. If the symbol reminded…

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