Who will you be in 2017?

On the eve of New Years Eve, I had the pleasure of chaperoning a party for 5th and 6th graders in our town…an early New Year’s Eve event organized by a few parents.  There were donated treats, party hats and horns, and a fabulous DJ playing age-appropriate music.  A great time was had by all.  Especially me.

Why?  Well, I enjoy watching these adorable children in the glory of their early middle school years.  They’re still young enough that there was no visible boy/girl drama, very little “cliquish” behavior, and still more giggles and screaming than sobs and disappointment that a typical middle school dance might bring.

I do love people-watching, even when the subjects are many decades younger.  Quite a few observations can be made about kids, even at this early age.

There is a definite social hierarchy…leaders and followers, and those who must be the center of attention.  …

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