Me, the blog and the steps to getting my sh*t together

Stative Blu

Being a uni student is difficult. Before you go you’re told by others that the workload is a lot, that you’ll be thrown in the deep end while having to discover how to feed yourself all over again. While that’s all true, no one mentions how emotionally exhausting it is.

I’m in my first year of Multimedia Journalism and I’ve never felt more unsure of myself, of my decisions, my purpose and especially my course. I’m in the process of debating whether or not I should change to Media Production and this inner turmoil has been going on for a while now. I kind of forgot how to enjoy anything I was so stressed about it. I’ve literally done nothing today. I thought, whats the point? Whats the point in even doing things I enjoy, it’s not going to give me a career. When I was in school…

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