Hiding and Crying

Dream Journal

I had two very unrelated dreams last night, but both put me on edge. At least, as I was reaming them.

Dream 1: I was trapped in a three story house by this really creepy old guy. He was thin and bald, and walked with a hunch. Why I was afraid of a guy that I could physically take down easily, I’ll never know.

The house was a hoarders paradise; it was full of boxes and trinkets –many of the broken– that filled every corner of the house. Everything in the house was gray-toned, like Tim Burton had filmed the scene.  

For some reason, I had it in my mind to hide my phone from the man. For whatever reason, I knew bad things would happen if her got ahold of it. So, instead of spending my time trying to escape the giant, messy house, I spent my…

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