Time Traveling Through History

Dream Journal

Have you ever experienced a dream that coincides with or is a continuation of another dream you have had before? I experienced a dream Part 2, last night.

The first dream I had was over a year ago. Most of it is foggy at this point, as I never wrote it down, but I remember the basic outline of it all.

I was zooming through a kaleidoscope tunnel of colors, only to fall out of the tunnel and land hard on a cobblestone alley road.

“It actually worked!” a voice cheered. I remember being pretty annoyed by the voice, because the fall had actually hurt.  I looked up to see a very familiar face. Ya’ know, that guy on the $100 bill? Yep, Benjamin Franklin. I had gone into the past – mid 1700’s, Philadelphia.

Side note: I have done extensive research projects on Benjamin Franklin in school; once for a…

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