Spiritual Guidance

The Journal of Jennifer Rae

Intuition is an interesting and often mind boggling sense. I’ve become increasingly aware of it intentionally, but this week alone,  it has spoken to me quite strongly a few different times, the main one being the other day when it told me to wear my medical boot because I would need the extra stability.  Minutes later, my boys and I were trying to pry the frozen vehicle doors open with all of our strength. Today, it told me to take a different route; although that route had all traffic lights out at a major intersection, that was nothing compared to the congested mess I witnessed when I drove on a bridge crossing over the highway I WOULD HAVE been traveling. Whew! All of this reminds me of the loudest intuituve voice I’ve ever heard; I was 2 hours from home with my children, and while trying to leave, I got…

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