Choose Wisely

Monkey Mania

IMG_1190.JPGThe boy stands looking at the road.  The road splits into two and he doesn’t know which way to go.  This is a big choice.  If he ever wants to see his monkey again he has to make the right choice.  He looks left, then looks right.  They look the same but something is telling him to go to the right.  He makes the choice and goes right.  About half a mile down the road he finds his monkey.

Everyone make hundreds of choices today, they are not all big choices.  A small choice could be just what am I going to eat today?  You will make decisions that are going to change your life for worse or for better.  Where do I want to go to college?  What do I want to major in?

IMG_0234.JPGYou don’t have to fear making decisions.  If you do what you…

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