Keeping Your Resolutions

Bluebell Hypnotherapy Manchester

untitled-designAt this time of year many of us are eager to change.  This change could be in relation to our eating habits, smoking habits or we may desire a complete overhaul of our lives.  Change isn’t always simple and it is often easier to slip back into our old routines rather than persevere with our good intentions.  One way of staying on track is to constantly remind yourself why you want to change in the first place.  Whenever you find yourself struggling to keep your resolutions, write a list of the number of ways that your life will improve if you continue with your efforts and keep referring to that list. This could be financial gain, increased energy or reduced risk of illnesses.  Talk to people who have made similar changes, for example, other people who have lost weight or stopped smoking.  They may tell you of other benefits that…

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