Light Of Steorra

I’ve always been that daydreamer who saw the world for what it could be and fantasized on the various illusions of it’s reality. Birth Happiness, Sadness, Death, Sex, Love, Sin, Nature, God, & Life itself. When I’m in my place of meditation, I like to think of myself inside beautiful songs and breathtaking poetry about all these things..about the soul. My soul.

I believe in it like it’s all I own. I still hold on to believe sometimes this world is an unrealistic illusion that can break you and kill such a spirit, but I’m still living..& with a breathing soul. Isn’t it sad though? I’d love to be rid of my human skin and to dance with the air and the sky. I’d die to be freeform and shapeshifting in kaleidoscope colors and touch the stars and be blanketed in the Sun’s warmth as I drenched myself in its…

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